Last Known Image Obtained from MI6 and Scotland Yard

Last Image Obtained from MI6 and Scotland Yard

Caution: From the image we cant ascertain what this ‘Baby Terror’ has under his shirt. Anyone with any information about this absconding suspect, should call the authorities. The suspect may be armed. 

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One of my friends,(Sajeev Krishnan) after reading my afterthought on Blood Diamond, forwarded me a youtube link about this game called : Far Cry 2. Ive seen two videos, and to say the very least the game is very visually appealing. Set in an fictitious country in Africa, n the game you are trying to hunt a guy called “The Jackal”. This guy is an arms dealer. So the tagline of the game is something like, : ” If you want to hunt this merchant of death, you must descend into his world. You must become what you hunt!”


A random line from one of the characters in the game : ” In this land, the most powerful man is not the one holding the gun, Its the one selling it!”

Check out the trailers:


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Wouldnt that be fun? I read an article talking about a Japanese man who travelled 123 countries and 144,000 km on his bicycle. Adventure of a lifetime. Hmm. Bur at some point in the journey I wud have felt lonely, or homesick. I salute this man, for his great feat. Forrest Gump did a similar thing, though he was walking/running 😀 . Now , im thinking, what all would i take with me if i were travelling on a bicycle around the world;

1) Credit Card & Cash
2) Mp3 player
3) Netbook/laptop
4) Tissue Paper!
People , feel free to add to the list 🙂 . Or Subtract. Hehe.

Oh, and the link to that article:



I never knew that Diamonds cost so much more than mere moolah! What this movie told me was – that the real color of Diamonds, Oil, Gold etc is always red. In the movie the guy – Solomon Vandi (African) said that the soil attained the red color in Africa because of the perpetual bloodshed in the continent. The story is set in Seirra Leone (on the west coast of Africa ).  What looks like a routine Civil War – (Post Independence in an ex-colony – read imperialzed nation); is anything but Civil. There is the RUF – as they call themselves: a radical group which is funded by western powers, in terms of weapons <now you should see Lord Of War and this movie back to back – but guns are not the subject here>. Entire villages are burnt down by this RUF, so as to get their ‘Support’.

The movie also brings into focus, what motivation techniques terrorist leaders employ to make their little “Masters of Disaster”. Drugs, Sex and Power. Carefully crafted imagery of the ‘Good Life’ is enough to trick poor, desperate youngsters, who have lost their families. Lost Everything. Brainwashing is their weapon of choice. There is a scene in the movie, where an African Teacher is explaining how imperialists cut off hands of the slaves.. hundreds of them. It is my personal belief that wherever there is overzealousness, wherever there is greed for power; there things are bound to go wrong.

Now there is a new form of imperialism. Economic. Diamonds/Gold, oil, nuclear raw material. What we are witnessing today is rise of economic imperialism. If I had to choose between Open War between nations and these silently-funded-hidden-discreetly provoked- genocide a.k.a “Civil” war, i would choose the former. Dont get me wrong, I am not FOR war and bloodshed, but it is just that this other kind of hidden war has possibly longer lasting consequences. Be it economic or otherwise.

Enter Di-Caprio. How do i describe his character? Well, I think it is right to call him a conflict profiteer with a heart. A man on a hunt for the 100 Karat diamond which Solomon Vandi found. Enter Jennifer Connelly, a journalist. LOL. A fellow journalist in the movie calls her a ‘Heat Seeking Missile”. Her character is this woman who wants to make a difference. She is not the “Pseudo-I-want-to-make-a-difference- , now can i have my Pulitzer? ” kind of woman. Yes, she has a way with words. Not tabloid; stupid, politician influenced media. I am going to digress a little bit, so bear with me. Look at 9/11. A false flag attack on your own country! 

Anyways, this ‘Danny Boy’ Caprio, smuggles diamonds from Seirra Leone to Liberia. As a result Seirra Leone does not report any diamond exports. But ground reality is, people are killed and enslaved in this mania for diamonds. AS per the movie any Government Entity that comes close to this trade can be either bought, destroyed or blackmailed. I dont know if the actual condition has improved or is still the same. But as they say all art has a small part inspired from reality however nanoscopic it might be.   

 There is a very touching scene when this simple  fisherman (Solomon Vandi) from Seirra Leone comes to London. He stops in front of a jewellery store to notice a beautiful diamond necklace. But im sorry, beauty is supposed to be a relative term 🙂 .His own son was taken in by the RUF and trained to be a little “Master of Disaster”. Made cold blooded – like a fired bullet. Yet again i will digress a little bit.  I remember a line from the movie The Lord Of War; Yuri Orlov, the weapons merchant ( The merchant of death) said  ‘ An AK-47 is so easy to use, that even children can use it ……. And they do!” 🙂 I found it to be quite witty and humourous when i was watching that movie. After this movie, not so much. So, it all kind of fits and makes sense somehow. In an evil way.

But in the end, this War Profiteer dies and gives the (blood soaked) diamond to the fisherman and calls up the Journalist. No one can deny that The War Profiteer and The Journalist were in love. But at no point in the movie did it ever become “Filmy’ -If you know what i mean! Not once did DiCaprio say he loves her or vice versa. Quite well made i must say.

The other day i read a statement in the newspaper: Only 20% of the males born in the year 1923 in Russia, survived the second world war. So hundereds of thousands of 20-24 year olds died fighting. Fighting for a political cause, crafted by half dead twisted old goons. Ofcourse it is one’s duty to defend the nation. But that is not that point I am making. I dont know if you get it, but anyway. I havent really thought about this, well ill write it anyway 🙂 (Bear with me people) : We must decide what we want to work towards in our lifetime. I accept that I myself do not know, to what purpose/idea/blah, i want my life to lean towards.  Watching so much violence and risk. I have come to realize that : Those who risk are closer to achieving the purpose of their lives. And blessed are those who are not afraid of death. Take a few risks, live life.

Its been 2 days now, and the accused is still at large. Yes, I know India is a large country, but in cases such as these, you just tend to hope that SOMEHOW the cops will nab the culprit. And I hate to say it, but deep down one always has this feeling “I knew this would happen” OR “Hah! Tell me something new”. Well here is the link to the news report:



I just saw a movie, called the last king of scotland…its got nothing to do with scotland..its abt the situation in uganda..u know ppl getting killed by the military regime etc.. anyways.. i dont know why im writing a post, but everytime i watch a movie like that.. i cant seem to sleep.. its like there is just constant bloodshed in some part of africa as i type.. i saw blood diamond, i saw lord of war, i saw hotel rwanda, i read abt darfur, abt seirra leone, abt somalia , abt ethopia.libya, zimbabwe.now uganda..last time i checked there were armed pirates off the coast of africa.. the following is the latest.


for the last few years ive been reading, watching, hearing…but, what am i supposed to do? just make a blog out of my opinions? . some south african whitey tossed a black man in a lion’s cage.. :-O


interesting read isnt it? yea, ill probably quote it in some drunk conversation with my friends…is that what im supposed to do? the frustrating thing is, that while we are bound with work, college etc , i cant seem to think how i can do ANYTHING to help.. im stumped.. so i just do what i usually do, write in my bloody diary..or at best make a blogpost.. u know one of my friends believes that i have a serious issue ..that i cant come to terms with reality.. he is probably right.. if i was wired like most other people are it wud be so much better, u know ignorance is bliss.. atleast i wudnt be sitting up all night writing random things and mailing it to random people…saves so much energy.. i hate myself for having these righteous fits.. and to be completely honest with you guys i hate myself for actually giving a shit.. i mean, some people accept the world as it is (god knows i wish to be amongst those lot)..but even if i trick myself into believing “this is how it is”…i cant sleep. u know everyone has a weakness, and i guess mine is that i have hope. just a random rant..with no aim … just saying all i have to , and passing it on.. adios

P.S.: Sorry about the punctuation and all.

This is outrageous. According to a British News Website “Slumdog Millionaire” (The 8 oscar winning movie) Child Artist Rubina Ali’s Father had full intention of “selling” his daughter to some arab. Its a different story that it turned out to be a sting operation. But its still quite shocking..and disturbing..